Daily Archives: August 28, 2014

Day 134 – East B Hill Road to unnamed gap (mile 1942.9)

We hit up breakfast at the one restaurant in town this morning, the Little Red Hen. It was fantastic. They had a huge hiker breakfast for $10 including 3 huge pancakes, 3 eggs, a homemade English muffin, home fries, bacon, and sausage. I’m going to miss being such a glutton.


Part of breakfast. Note pile of empty butter to add more calories to meal.

After that, we got the shuttle back to the trail around 9:15. We had a long slow climb up to Wyman Mountain that was pretty easy. Then we had a steep descent down to Sawyer Notch, promptly followed by an extremely steep climb up Moody Mountain. Shortly after, Moody had another steep descent down to South Arm Road. Most of the climbs today though were on fairly reasonable trail, so it wasn’t as bad as Mahoosuc Monday. We had a nearly 3 mile climb following that up Old Blue Mountain. It was steady, but not too bad and again had mostly smooth trail, for New England at least.


Stone steps going up Old Blue


View from part of Old Blue climb

We descended down from there and found a nice established site not far off the trail. Overall, it was a really pleasant and temperate day for hiking.

It’s super quiet here in this spruce fir forest. Tomorrow we continue hiking toward the next town, Rangeley. Surprisingly, we have no major mountains to climb tomorrow…bummer.

Vital stats for Wednesday, August 27th :
Mountains remaining – 10 (I’m only counting 1000 feet or more in elevation)
Miles hiked today – 14.5
Mood – great
Physical state – good
Smell – small moose
Song stuck in my head – Sol Solis by Moving Mountains