Daily Archives: August 22, 2014

Day 129 – mile 1882 to US 2 (mile 1887, Gorham, NH)

We had another night in the Whites with a lousy and super cold and raw campsite, but this one was easier to handle because we knew we had a short day of hiking into town. We climbed down the relatively easy Mount Moriah and descended to an even easier final 2 mile runway to the parking area at US 2. We finished the freaking Whites. It’s crazy because thru-hikers talk about them and how tough they are almost from the start of things way down in the south and now they are done.

We got a shuttle ride to the Libby House B&B in town and then got cleaned up, did laundry, and ate lots of food for lunch and dinner. Gorham seems like another great little town to take a zero day in. Today was really nice and relaxing and we are looking forward to the same thing tomorrow before we get back into the fun on Sunday.

Vital stats for Friday, August 22nd :
Milestone – less than 300 miles away from Katahdin
Miles hiked today – 5
Mood – awesome
Physical state – resting up
Smell – shuttle driver “doc”, who is an actual doctor, said we smelled better than dead bodies. Hopefully still true after showering.
Song stuck in my head – Mason Jar by Smallpools